Collare is established in 2016 as a first in Turkey
with elegant, stylish and comfortable collar designs.
Inspired by the Turkish Handicrafts, World trends and the life itself,
and designed as alternatives to the white shirts, the indispensable part of our wardrobes.
You can adapt these stylish pieces for your authentic combinations with ease,
you can use it in any occasion, during day or night, for work or for casual events.
We aimed to offer a unique product for people who love to wear shirts
however do not like wearing layers on layers of clothing especially during winter times.
Furthermore, the collars do not take up much space and
in turn offer you great comfort in your wardrobe.
From the first day, we have started our online sales
and still conduct sales through our own website and
our products are featured in different online mediums.
We continue to work hard to become a known and an accessible brand both in Turkey and abroad.
As white meshes with colors of inspiration, we strive to continue to work towards our passion,
this incredible colorful World that we created with our positive vibes instilled in our lives